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Default Jose Mojica Marins AKA: Coffin Joe

Was reading the latest issue of darkside magazine and was reminded about the new coffin joe film Embodiment of Evil. Remembered seeing the trailer for this on the net last year which got me pretty excited. Now i've just found out that its gonna be released on dvd here in uk 6th july by anchor bay along with a coffin joe boxset! Boom!

Embodiment of Evil looks like its gonna be good and from the interview with Jose Mojica Marins in darkside sounds like its gonna be a pretty extreme experience. Wonder whether it'll have any problems with bbfc?

All this also made me thought what happened to the label Mondo Macabro (who released awakening of the beast here on dvd) releasing films in the Uk? I assume their output didnt sell well over here or maybe they knew stuff they were gonna release would have problems with censorship here? Whatever the case its a shame for the UK as they are a great label putting out some weird and wonderful films from around the world and they nearly always provided awesome features along with the films.
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