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Originally Posted by Slippery Jack View Post
Where is that picture from by the way? Looks like [Rec]: The Game (which would be amazing) . . .
Not quite sure, SJ - May be fanart.

Originally Posted by Slippery Jack View Post
Infected = Zombies to me. 28 Days Later ? Zombies! Not interested in the nit-picking.

How about Andy in DeathDream ? I'm counting him as a zombie too
Deathdream is one of my favs - an absolute masterpiece!

Originally Posted by Gojirosan View Post
Nope. I am very much against your stance. Infected are not zombies.

The undead aspect is important to me. Very important.
I agree with you Goj - Zombies are NOT infected. But it is much easier to label all those under the term 'zombie' I guess. I mean, are the...things in Rec infected? Maybe they're infected? Whatever they are, they're awesome.
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