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Default gag's film finding mission

Last job i had was a if and when required and part time so my wage wasnt good so wasnt my spending on films either.
I now have a full time job but the pay is well what one would call crap but i have a bit more money to spend now on films. (not much more like )
Now here what i would like is im asking for help from you good people.
I want to clear out some of my films and replace them with uncut or better version,
Plus certain films i might have missing want to buy to finish of the set
And the same goes with directors etc.
Now every now and again i will mention certain films i would like and appreciate if was given which is a good decent version without breaking the bank because of my wage and allowance so want to keep cost low.
And say what version ive got and or they worth keeping or replacing im not to botherd about extra"s etc to be honest.
Or if anyone has certain films i want for sale them please let me know.
or point me in direction of some good sites.

Thank you reading and help would be appreciated.

Here the first lot of films id like to complete

David Cronenberg

The Brood 2 disc featuring us and uk version...Anchor bay
Scanners...Anchor bay
Videodrome ...universal
Fly...20th century fox
Naked lunch...optimum
Crash...columbia tristar
eXistence...20 century fox
History of violence...entertainment video
Eastern promise...pathe
Fast company...2 disc with stereo and crimes of the near future...Blue underground


The Dead Zone
Dead Ringers
M. Butterfly
A Dangerous Method
Short films Transfer
From the Drain
To Each His Own Cinema
I'm Losing You..
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