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Dead Ringers is a weird one. First of all, stay well clear of the UK release. Now, the R1 Warner DVD had a lovely print but it's slightly cropped. I don't actually have a copy at the moment because I sold the Criterion when that was announced to my annoyance. The Criterion is non anamorphic but it's in the proper ratio. Only thing is that it's been OOP for years and still can go for a lot. I think it also got bootlegged as well so be careful if you hunt for that one.

Dead Zone, again stay well away from the newer UK one. If you can find the old Sanctuary UK DVD then get that, otherwise the R1 which is what I have now. Just looked at Amazon and the Sanctuary is fairly cheap but again, be careful as the covers are almost the same so might be best to double. Heck with the seller first.
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