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Originally Posted by RobbieD View Post
My first post Hope this is in the right place. Yesterday I got the new "GRINDHOUSE- TRAILER CLASSICS" DVD from Nucleus Pictures, as I'm a fan of B-movies/horror and recently bought the R1 Grindhouse (Tarantino/Rodriquez) DVDs which I loved.
I've only watched a few of the trailers so far but am loving it - "The Thing With Two Heads" trailer is hilarious! I remembered reading about the Shameless DVDs a while ago so looked up the site, now I'm really looking forward to getting the DVDs, in particular Torso and New York Ripper. Can't wait to find out what is being released next. I've got a few questions! First of all will you be releasing "The Thing With Two Heads", as it's yet to be released in the UK? I think it would have a very eye-catching cover!

Also, will there be any extras on the DVDs, and is the collection limited to 20 as I noticed the image on the front page, with the company logo, only stretches to 20.
Thanks! !
Thanks for dropping by and yes a lot of the trailers on the Grindhouse disc do make me want to go and source the movies but experience warns me the films rarely turn out as good. I spent a decade tracking down Crazy Legs - trailer was funny as anything but the film - hm.

Anyway I'm not ruling anything out. As for current plans the graphic for the collection is purely to show that we plan plenty of releases and they will form a natural collection. If it goes ok then we'll just keep going. Much the same with extras. we'd love to do 'em but it would slow the releases down to one every couple of months rather than two a month so we figured let's try a low price and decent masters and see how it goes...
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