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1. 14 second's cut is fine. Excelent in fact. I wouldn't have it any other way. The Muskrat killing is botched, and unlike the other's (which are classed as slaughter) was prolonged and painful for the creature. Where all better off without that scene in our life's. This is the revisited Theatrical cut on the disk.
The director's cut removes ALL animal slaughter ( Deodate having express disspleasure at having been forced by producers to include it) so it's my favoured off the two cut's though, as none of the killing's beside's the Muskrat death scene are actualy 'cruelty' more 'slaughter', both are within the BBFC's regulations. The replaced riaction shot's are seamless transition's from the cut scene's to what happened before/ after the even't, so a few second's extra where snipped to make the transition less jummpy. Good move on there part, I can live without seeing a dodgy jump cut after watching....sorry, not watching Muskrat snuff.

2. The restoration is astounding! In general there BD's are on par with Raro and supersede Synapse and Blue Underground. DVD transer's do vary though stuff like Femina Ridens, Le Orme, Dont Torture a Duckling, and Almnost Human are near BD quality.

3. Beside's the 14 second's of cut's from CH, for some unexplicable reason, Venus in Furs is still cut by 1m, The New York Ripper BD and DVD (Fan Edition) by 29s, and The House on the Edge of the Park by 42s. Also there three Sexploitation titles lack the XXX material but only Sleazy Pete is missing them.
DONT BLAME THIS ON SHAMELESS! They try there absolute hardest to provide the fan's with amazing edition's of movie's fan's love.
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