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I was about 6 when I first discovered it but I wasn't allowed to stay up and watch...although when I was about 10, (in the 90s) sometimes my mother would tape it for me and my brothers.

However, I only just completed the entire series after starting on the DVDs 3 years ago...I am now completely obsessed...LOL...I immediately went back to the beginning! (This is terrible, I am supposed to be focusing on my masters degree lol)

My two most prominent memories of it from those early days are of Bea smoking and using the press...and of Nola killing Paddy Lawson...

Seems I have had a Bea obsession since I was 6 years old as I remember playing 'give us a clue' with my family and me doing Bea holding a cigarette whilst using the press...hahaha.

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