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Default Horror Films Regarded as Terrible That You think are Brilliant

This seems like an interesting topic for discussion.

I am curious of those films that generally are regarded as abominations which when you watch them you actually think they are brilliant and cannot understand how others do not like them too.

For me I guess the two movies which started the idea for this topic.

The Obvious is Halloween 3. I genuinely regard this alongside the Shining and the Exorcist as the greatest horror movie ever made. It is much better than the Michael Myers fares. I just think the atmosphere is brilliant and it is the film I stick on each year on 31st October.

The next would have to be Howling 2. Personally I feel this is by far the best in the entire series. I watch Howling 1 and I find it boring and a chore to get through. Each time I try to rewatch it I get the same feeling.

However Howling 2 is just so fast paced and enjoyable I cannot possibly see how others don't love it too. The music is superb too.

Maximum Overdrive This is one of my favourite Stephen King film adaptations. Ok so its no The Dead Zone, Shining or Shawshank Redemption. But of his non epic serious films i.e the ones aiming for just a bit of a laugh. I think King nailed it perfectly in this movie. It is the best of those mindless bit of fun films which is exactly why we see horror movies.

The see mentions on the net he is ashamed of the movie is confusing as he must have setout with this goal in mind when filming the movie to make a enjoyable bit of fun.

The Langoliers. Again this one is bashed beyond belief. And on first seeing the types of comments it got was I was lost how. Yes the they look like pac man. But up until then the film had a brilliant and truly bleak confusing atmosphere to it. They should never have had the Langoliers in the movie in my opinion and just kept it as the time shifting thing and everyone vanishing as opposed to some malevolent entity being there too.

Wes Cravens New Nightmare. Again I was amazed to see this was not well regarded and is bashed to hell by most. I thought it was ingenious and the best in the series behind part 1. The idea was inspired and given the campness of parts 3,4,5 and 6 this twist to make Freddy come across as frighting again was ingenious and worked for me.

Umberto Lenzies Eaten Alive. For some reason every horror review puts this down as an abomination. I love it. Ok so its not a patch on Ferox, Holocaust or Man From Deep River. But I found it much more fun than every other Cannibal flick - I hated Jungle Holocaust. Mountain of the Cannibal God, Zombie Holocaust and many of the other Cannibal films that are meant to be rather good. But I find it really odd that reviewers will give great reviews to them. And then bash Eaten Alive.

So I am looking for some fun movies to watch, so I am curious if there are any others people love that are generally regarded as dreadful.
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