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Originally Posted by Wes View Post
Things are getting better though... remember back in the 90's when ITV would redub films with cuss words, so Bill Paxton's "**** You asshole!" in Terminator became "Get outa here disco dude", while Bruce Willis' Yippee ki-yay, mother****er, in Die Hard was changed to "Yippee ki-yay kemo sabe"

(While previewing this post I noticed the cuss words are rubbed out )
Just dropping out of lurk mode to respond to this.

As I recall, Terminator was shown on BBC2 and "F### You Asshole" became "Eat This Scum" (as he prepared to stick him with a flick knife).

I seem to recall Die Hard had all the "F" words removed, but the "S" words remained.

Similarly, "Aliens" "F###" became "Sh1t" and Hudson's (Bill Paxton) line as he shoved his gun in Carter Burke's face became "Lets grease this rat FAT son of a bitch", and as I recall it was the same guy over dubbing the swear words for all the marines, so there voices would all inexplicably change mid sentence.

Best one was when ITV showed Robocop, "Asshole" became "Airhead", "F### Me" became "Fly Me" and Clarence Bodiker drove AROUND the guy who'd been dumped in the acid vat.

You'd never believe they did such things nowadays!
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