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Originally Posted by Hawkmonger View Post
Aw **** it, I bought the 11 Doctor's Figure boxset. At just under 35 I couldn't resist Judge Death's hissing any further.
Good man

Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
That could be interesting. Didn't Moffat say he wanted to bring back the 'real' Cybermen at some point? I did like RTD's design, but it would be great to see a proper Cyber - story again. Their last few appearances haven't been that great, have they?
I think we're supposed to assume that the Cybermen that appear in A Good Man Goes To War and Closing Time are the Mondasians. But yeah they're last appearances have been underwhelming, all they seem to do is stand around and have their heads explode. It would be great to see them invading earth again la The Invasion.
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