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Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
To be honest, I've never really liked the UK Who dvd covers. Anyone remember this gem?
I much prefer the US editions:
The region 1 template is alot better, there's much more space for the artwork on the front. Although I do like the design of the spine more on the region 2 template as it stands out on the shelf and makes them look uniform.

Originally Posted by Demdike View Post
I only have a few Doctor Who vhs nowadays, but have kept every vhs cover from the tapes i ditched. The very first ones are awful but the artwork ones are in a lot of cases excellent.

The dvd's i really like. Its the way they smell i think.
Yeah they do look dodgy, particularly the first Revenge of the Cybermen cover but you've got to let them off a bit as it was only the early days. I do have a soft spot for the Day of the Daleks cover, that VHS was responsible for making me fan of Doctor Who so the cover, with the incorrect title and Daleks flipped the wrong way, will always be special
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