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Originally Posted by BAKA View Post
It's possibly just me, but I find them hugely overrated by the genre community. They've actually put very little out. It seems to be more the licenses they pick up and the now well worn artwork choices that have given them some bewildering saviour of horror following. It's interesting how close they seem to have followed the Arrow mould and recreated that model. Kudo's to them, it's clearly worked, I've seen a silly amount of people already opting to import their From Beyond rather than Second Sight's. Considering neither have fully announced specs, nor do we know what transfers are like, they must be doing something right to inspire such a blind following.

The only release that I've seen (which was not mine, but a friends, I am still very much region locked) is Halloween 2, and the transfer is noticably worse than the Universal disc, due to artifacting.

It would seem I'm a little harder to woo than most. I'm looking forward to see how their Terror Train turns out though. It's one of my favourites of the Slasher sub-genre.
Strange, I had heard that the Universal Halloween II had the poorer transfer, and Scream Factory did some more work on it.
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