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No way am I gonna spend a cent on this (well maybe a very few on day ), after I have seen the first trailer a while back, I found proof of what I dreaded, even worse than the dung he provided (his Masters of Horror pieces excluded!) in the last years. The Card Player was worse than many tedious TV films of that kind, Mother of Tears was just bad in all means and I had to stop Giallo in the middle and never came back to it... I have not even bothered with that Hitchcock thing yet... Sleepless was his last movie that had strong stuff in it, especially the beginning in the train - if I remember correctly, that was stunning!

Sad demise of a genious, probably aftereffects of what made his old films so colourful...

OT: I have not given up on Romero though - despite the really horrible Survival otD - but it still has a double entry in my shelf, since the US BD has more special features...
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