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Pretty overjoyed with the list personally. Although I have zero interest in the sleeze. But the Bava releases are a godsend. I'm especially looking forward to hear about the extras, knowing what a great package A Bay Of Blood is. It would be nice to see the booklets a bit more sizeable than usual for these releases (these films clearly warrant it), more akin to Eureka's MoC work. It's nice to see Riccardo Freda too. If Deadly Blessing is on Blu-ray I'll bite (despite owning the Arrow DVD). Dead End Drive-in sounds very interesting and I'll certainly give it a try (I assume this is the Arrow Drome Sci-fi one?). I may aswell give Django, Prepare A Coffin a try too, since it'll be like 6 to pre-order from HMV.

Great list for me, in Q1 alone I'll have almost equalled what I've bought (and intend to buy) from Arrow in 2012. Hoping tomorrow will include plenty of new artwork to love/hate.

I hear the upcoming BBC Euro Horror Documentary features a lot of Bava, and it's nice that people not familiar with his work will now have these releases to look forward to, should they be inclined to sample the delights.
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