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Recently got a blu of Black Sunday so the only way I'm double dipping is if they pour on the extras. Like to see a lengthy Bava docu put on it That would definitely be tempting. Hoping Django is an Arrow and not Arrowdrome release cause it deserves it. I think its the terrence hill Django film, if so it was a pretty good film. Either way its a must buy, lets hope we get some good features and the start of a good line of Spaghetti western releases by Arrow.

On the flipside, lets kill the sleaze releases so much. Nothing wrong with them but its taking away space that actual horror could know like SNDN2

Its good to see the UK getting good releases of the Bava though. Doesnt help me much but my genre fans from the UK have a right to be excited...except Lisa and the Devil/House of Exorcism is a surprising choice. You'd think they'd ave gone with Baron Blood or Blood an Black Lace..both much better films. Then again maybe there were rights issues and its the best they could get.

Not a lot for me here. Two in total.
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