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Another ITV Central viewer here.

At school in the midlands around 1987, I was about 11, a friend told me to watch 'Prisoner: Cell Block H' so I did and I became a big fan. I probably watched 100 episodes, usually recording them on VHS to watch the next day as they were shown late at night. I remember seeing the final episodes on Central but I don't remember a lot from Central, just vague memories, such as Lizzy (on the outside) having a gentleman friend (Sid?), Myra Desmond's sad final appearance, Bea in a cell talking to a man in the corridor who was trying to defuse a bomb, Meg's son Marty as an officer, Dennis Crukshank (spelling?) with his Yorkshire Puddings.

I also watched 'Prisoner' on Granada at boarding school, I had my own portable TV, it was late at night so I used to get into trouble and thrown into the pound (not really!).

On holiday in North Wales, I watched 'Prisoner' a few times on HTV. I remember seeing an escape tunnel being dug, during a panto?

I also saw the first ever eps on VHS when they were released in the UK and some Channel 5 showings.

I've never (yet) watched every episode, just selected eps, sometimes odd episodes, sometimes groups of episodes. Now I'm watching every ep on DVD, from the beginning, my next ep is 129.
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