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Default Best Horror Anthologies?


What in your opinion are the best anthology films, Also can you reccomend us any anthology titles that may be less known.

My personal favourites are

Tales from the crypt
Vault of Horror
The House That Dripped Blood
From beyond The Grave
Dead Of Night
Creepshow II
Tales From the darkside the movie
House on terror Tract.

Anthologys are one of the top types of film with me I always enjoy them,Amicus brought us some Beautys.

I must say on a side note the little girl in the third tale in House That Dripped Blood, with Christopher Lee in it , she made me laugh the way she spoke. She soundeded like her accent wondered around 20 uk locations all in 22 minutes, sounding from a common Brat to a high class victorian Housekeeper LOL.
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