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Originally Posted by Sam View Post
It's got to be the original 'Creepshow' for me... an absolute classic!! John Carpenter's 'Body Bags' is great as well and long overdue a UK DVD release (hint hint, Shameless!)

Pound shop regulars 'Friends Like These' and 'Zombie Chronicles' have to be amongst the worst!!
AGREED,Body Bags is one hell of a movie. We should have a release here. Bill is a classic psycho with humourous traits. "Hi Bill here sorry I can't get to the phone right now,you see I have a sore throat. leave a message after the beep,BEEEEEEP" LOL and watching Deborah Harry go from Heart of Glass & I want that man to a Moonling Nurse who likes her men hairy, And the final story is one in the eye for many anthologys
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