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I understand what you mean LedZep,

I'm still watching my way thru vol 16 atm, (Bobbies just drove the tractor into the shed, NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! - first time watching) so I'm not quite there yet, but it is a bit of a piss take for the company. I've consistently bought each volume after months of waiting (sometimes at 35 from HMV, usually 28 from Amazon) which is a lot of money for 16 volumes.

If the company is beginning to get Lazy now that they've got people (like me) hooked, i don't think it's very fair on the consumers. Of course it could just be a genuine mistake and while it may not be THAT important to some/most people (I'm gonna keep buying the volumes regardless) there are dozens of threads on this site which are dedicated to artwork and the covers of DVDs. why should prisoner be any different?

And yes I'm one of these irritating people with a slight case of OCD, Still a massive fan of the show tho!

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