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As most of you know, DVD Producer/Acquisitions Manager Cliff MacMillan and Marketing Director Jeff Nelson will be attending the HorrorHound convention in Indianapolis this weekend to
talk and answer all things Scream Factory! Their panel is on 11/16 at 9:30PM EST where they will announce SIX big titles that are planned for Blu-ray releases next year.

The "Super Six" will also be announced here on our FB page later on in the evening and then we will be taking a bit of a break from our weekly Friday announcements going forward (or at least until the new year). No worries, as we still have other stuff brewing in the works. :-)

For attendees going to the event: There's been some rumors that we will be selling product this weekend but, unfortunately, we will not be this time around due to logistics and costs. :-(

WHAT WILL THE "SUPER SIX" BE? Find out this weekend and please feel free to say "Hi!" to Cliff and Jeff if you are at the convention.

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