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Originally Posted by Daemonia View Post
Why, though? You've already plainly stated you won't be buying it anyway. So what, exactly, is the disappointment you, personally, will be facing? I'm not trying to be aggressive here, I just don't get where you're coming from...? Disappointment would be expecting something and you don't get it. In this case you're not expecting anything, because you're not buying it, so what are you missing out on exactly?
I'm not getting it because I have the BU one but I can definitely empathize with someone being upset that the poster didn't come with that edition. You don't have to be buying it to have an opinion on it.

Does someone need to personally invested to be disappointed??? I don't have any financial investment in the John Carter movie but I was disappointed with how Disney marketed it.

The guy has a right to his opinion whether he buys the dvd or not does nothing to change or invalidate that fact or the opinion.
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