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Originally Posted by Daemonia View Post
I hear what you're saying - and yes, anyone can have an opinion. But disappointed means something not personally meeting your expectations - ie: you expect to receive something but don't.

I suppose you could say that it's disappointing. But he said that he was, himself, personally disappointed. And all I was asking is why? Seriously, the guy wasn't even going to buy any copy of the UK release and yet he's somehow disappointed? Why would he care? I know I wouldn't care about something I had no interest in buying, much less be disappointed over it. But hey, if you want to go round being disappointed on other people's behalf, be my guest. Far be it for me to stop you (not that I could anyway, so I don't know why everyone gets so worked up - say and think what you like).

Personally, I'm getting bored with all the Arrow bashing. It's getting tiresome now. I've yet to buy an Arrow product that has disappointed me. So colour me not disappointed, since that's the current topic. When they mess up, then call it. But not getting a poster when you balance it against everything else that's on offer?
All the Arrow bashing??? From what I gather most were pretty happy about the genre releases this time around. If anything this forum will bash anything that isn't Arrow or is percieved as competition but this definitely isn't a place where I see a lot of Arrow bashing at all.

As for the poster thing. it doesn't bother me personally now but it was the slipcovers, booklets and posters that got me curious enough to buy Arrow in the first place. So I can see how it might be off-putting for someone coming into the product. All that said, if someone is a fan of the movie and the dvd is getting great reviews fans will buy it.

I find it disturbing that there are some people who feel they cannot let any small comment pass and must pick up the mantle to defend Arrow. ( I am not saying you btw but there are people here that are scarily protective)

This is a site for collectors of the product but they should be allowed to guess, and vent and even to a certain extent bash.

I'm hopefully going through England on my honeymoon next year and I plan o picking up a ton of Arrow, Shameless, and Second Sight....posters will not matter either way. Just quality films...or my definition of quality.

I am not disagreeing with your arguement I am just defending the right to argue otherwise.

Of all the forums I have been on this is definitely the most protective of its product next to the WWE.

Arrow's a great company but some of its more, for lack of a better word, fanatical followers tend to lower its perception among collectors and thats just wrong.

None of this is really aimed towards you personally but our conversation seemed like a decent way to address the issue.
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