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Originally Posted by Stephen@Cult Labs View Post
So what you're saying is we're the ones who do the bashing of other forums snd companies? I don't think i've ever seen anyone here call other companies shit and make up stupid childish names for forums like we have gotten, i.e c***t labs.

I'm honestly unaware of this forum ever being called something like that and I am definitely against that.

Is there some under-lining bashing of this forum going on at some other forums because that would make sense for some of the members that seem a wee bit thin skinned.(this is coming from someone who knows he can be hotheaded so I am not just throwing stones :-) )

I disagree with any of that stupid crap and if the name you are saying is what I think it is..damn thats offensive on so many levels.

All I was saying is its normal on a forum to have the right to complain, lets face it..forums would never last if we didnt because a forum where everyone agrees and pats the company on the back would be you'd have a company getting away with murder.(see my WWE example for reference)
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