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Death Waltz has been one of the best new companies I've come across this year. Spencer (the owner) clearly has a great passion for horror soundtracks and has years of experience in the record business (I believe he was a manager at Rough Trade for years.)

The records really are a joy to behold. I'm a big vinyl fan and have been a subscriber since the first subscription became available. For 150 you get six releases in subscriber exclusive colour vinyl, lithograph prints, posters each individually numbered with your subscriber no. At the end of each subscription you get a box to house the records in plus some extras (Halloween 3 flexidisc, Death Waltz t-shirt etc). All in all a great package for fans.

I always play all my vinyl (don't see the point in not playing it) but MP3 files would be good. They did actually provide an MP3 download for the Zombie Flesh Eaters release but nothing after that has been offered on MP3 too.

Here's the collection so far. Really looking forward to what they have in store for the future.

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