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Originally Posted by oaxaca View Post
Thanks for the recommendation I haven't actually seen LET THE RIGHT ONE IN yet so that's why I didn't buy that record, but I guess the current availability of that vinyl is a good incentive to watch the film ASAP and see whether I like it. Think I'll pick the BD up, only 4 in cex

Currently I own the following from Death Waltz: ZFE, Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, Escape from New York, Halloween 2 and Halloween 3, all black vinyl, though I wish I'd picked up the coloured editions as they look incredible.
It's a superb film; I have to admit I did not appreciate the greatness of the film or the wonderful soundtrack until the second watch. Death Waltz's release inspired me to give it another go and I'm glad I did.

Check out the track "Eli's theme" on youtube; it's a beautiful piece.

And I think Candice Tripp did a lovely job with the artwork on this.
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