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Puma Man is wonderful.

I have a troubled relationship with superhero flicks.

Some are undeniably great fun, but the over-saturation of them recently has driven me mad.

Also I see people talking about things like The Dark Knight and Avengers Assemble as if they are Welles or Kurosawa films rather than the expensive B film pulp they actually are. This makes me angry to be honest.

And they are so repetitive - especially the Marvel Studios things - how may times can you see cars flying through the air before you get tired? I was bored of it after the second time.

There is very little interesting action cinema being made today, and I blame the superhero trend.

I have enjoyed and rated Kick Ass and thought the first X Men film was OK and The Dark Knight was pretty well done, but really it's a pretty unrewarding subgenre.

Also, after what they did to my belovéd John Constantine is that piss awful Keanu Reeves disaster, there will always be resentment!

Incidentally my favourite Marvel Studios film so far has been Man Thing. That probably tells you all you need to know about where I am coming from!
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