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Originally Posted by Demdike View Post
A couple of old favourites. The BBFC's beloved video not so nasties it would seem.

New York Ripper.

[This scene was considered to be quite
dated and not that shocking compared to modern films. The close up of the nipple being
slashed and the eyeball being cut provoked physical reactions amongst some participants
but the sexualised aspect to the violence was not picked up]

House on the Edge of the Park

[The cutting of the girl’s breasts and body was not seen as shocking]
Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
No, I know but what I'm saying is that it would be hypocritical of us to start cheering "haha the focus group didn't see NYR as problematic!" (as seems to be the case with this report) since they only watched a few scenes out of context when if they'd watched the same scenes and taken issue with them we'd undoubtedly say "well they need to see the full thing to judge it in context"
I was hardly cheering.

Anyway its not worth arguing about really.
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