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I had to laugh that they set up a 'helpline' for the people who would have to endure these films. Are people really that fragile? I pissed myself laughing.

The report is biased right from the outset. Anyone who has studied Sociology and studied how to conduct research will know that this piece of shit can't possibly be considered valid. The questions are leading, the panellists are pummelled into submission so that they'll give the required answers. The BBFC and the people who conducted this research should be ashamed of themselves and it should be discredited - along with the team that conducted the resaerch.

Personally, I believe that with new people running the BBFC they wanted to tighten things up and be stricter but needed to validate that move. So they contracted a company to do research - but with the remit that they had to come back with the answers they wanted. Interviewing 35 subjects with little or no experience in the field of horror and extreme cinema is not valid research. Sure, a percentage can be the uninitiated, but surely you need to interview the target audience and find out what they think. The OPA specifically says that you have to take into consideration whether the target will be offended and not just the general public at large. Those who are not into these films would never watch them anyway, which renders their views null and void. How many millions live in this country? So the fate of what millions of people can or can't watch is to be decided by a report from 35 not-very-bright people who couldn't even give articulate answers? It's a sham and it's shameful.

I can perfectly ariculate what I think of these films, which immediately makes me more film literate than the idiots on this panel. And I hope the idiots on that panel read some of the negative feedback and realise how truly moronic the BBFC have made them look. Like that woman who initially said it wasn't acceptable, but let it happen (how can you let it happen, was she there? it's a film you ****ing idiot, nothing has actually happened except a fictional enactment of a scene), then said it was acceptable, but wasn't sure. Make up your ****ing mind.

Shambolic and biased research and the BBFc execpt us to swallow this piece of shit? They can **** off.

As for evil teenage boys - let me tell you, they access far worse stuff directly off the internet if they want to. Rapists, as we all know, need to watch films to learn how to rape and when gangs of men get together - watch out! Isn't that all in this report? It's ****ing laughable.

As for Human Centipede 2 - copy it? Really? REALLY? Who the **** could possibly kidnap a dozen women then stitch them together? I mean....really? Who's going to copy that??
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