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Originally Posted by The Reaper Man@Cult Labs View Post
Just realized that John Entwhistle died in 2002.
I was lucky enough to see the band in 2002, at the Portsmouth Guildhall, which is a tiny theatre, holding maybe 2000 people. It was the last tour that John did, and I consider myself to be supremely lucky to have seen 'the master' on stage

Originally Posted by The Reaper Man@Cult Labs View Post
I remember when I was a pup reading about his trouble with those special bass strings for his guitar for My Generation.
Was it a Dalenkro bass or something????
Your spelling is wrong - it was a Danelectro bass he used

I have also heard the stories about the trouble he had during the recording sessions for 'My Generation'. Apparently, the guitar he used to get the incredible sounds during his solo was an expensive American import. Because of the amount of abuse he put his guitar thru, when the strings broke (which was often during the recording sessions), it was cheaper to buy a whole new guitar than just the actual strings!
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