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I'll add some Nauseating Stink to the Pile of shit building up here.

The Last Slumber Party
Stepfather III
Dr Shocks X Ray Chiller theatre
Relentless III
Hellraiser VIII
Don't open till Xmas
Wind Chill
Demons III
Camp Blood I & II
Wishmaster IV
Halloween (Rob Zombie Remake)
Devils Rejects
House Of The Dead
Halloween III
Brain Fix
Home Sweet Home
Rabid Grannies
I've been watching you
Creepshow III
House II
Beyond The Door III
April Fools day (2008)
The Eye
The Case Of The Bloody Iris
Blood Feast II
Psycho III
shriek I know what you blah blah blah
Scary Movie 1-4
Evil Dead III army of...
Evil Ed
Dr Rage
Gruesome Twosome
House Of Wax (2005??6)
The Brood
Carnival Of
Xtro III
The Bagman
Children of the corn IV upwards
Campfire tales
Redneck Zombies
Chopper Chicks In Zombie Town
Stabbed through the Heart
Wrong turn
Jeepers Creepers II
Feast III
Monkey Shines
The Beast Within (cut version)
Black Sheep
night flier
The Blob
House Of Lost Souls
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