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Default Is Horror Losing Its Way?

I was thinking us on here of course appreciate Horror in passionate respectful & dedicated ways, we watch,review & Discuss all the classics from the 60's-the 90's and are always on the look out for them rare classics.

But we are now in a new generation of horror where at times it seems to me both film makers and new generation viewers are changing the future of the Horror Film for the worst.

In the last 6 or so years (At Least) most new releases have been unimaginative remakes of the good ol titles, or always aimed at teens with the film being presented in a childish way that would rarely entertain anyone over 21.

Endless teen flicks with very few sometimes NO adult cast and no serious respect worries me comedy rip offs are always a failure as well, on top of all this most these teen flicks aimed at teens are all the same recycled crap dressed up with tiny differences.

As Harsh as it sounds I can only Praise 12 films that have been released since the year 2000, these being the brilliant saw films & The Final destination films + 2 or 3 other stand alone titles.

So are the days of Originality and true horror and gore over? or are these cheap tacky teen aimed crapathons a passing phase??

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