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Originally Posted by RobbieD View Post
I was just preordering "Torso" at (for the bargain price of 7.99!!) and noticed they've got some more Shameless titles listed.

Story Of A Cloistered Nun
Spaak,Catherine: Suzy Kendall: Eleonora Giorgi: Domenico Paolella-dir

I haven't seen any of these and looked them up... Night Train and Rat Man look very promising!! All are at 7.99 right now so may be worth pre-ordering before the prices increases to 9.99 like the first 2.
Night Train Murders is stylish gruesome and has a wonderful sense of impending doom throughout. Cloistered Nun may move back and get swapped with something else. Ratman is a real scream by the way - so trashy it hurts but carefully picked by us because it is one of those rare trashy delights that is never less than entertaining!
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