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I totally have to disagree with you here, mate.

Horror has still a lot of strength and each glossy mainstream outing for the teen market, which is doing the business in the multiplexes, ensures that smaller scale projects within the independent circles or in countries, where horror has been hard to finance due to cultural snobbery in funding boards etc (Scandinavia, France (!!!) etc), have a much bigger chance to actually being made than back in the dire 90's.
What horror fans tend to forget in the countless discussuions on the www on "modern horror" is that for every big studio remake they're getting worked up about, there are numerous smaller scale movies to be found- if people where only more eager to look past the Hollywood output.

Horror has been a vivid part of mainstream cinema for over a decade now and it truly SADDENS me to know that a huge portion of die hard genre fans will first appreciate the popular output of recent years when we're back to romcoms and the best "horror" you can find would be a Charles-Band-type DTV quickie....
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