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Some valid arguements on both sides for this one!

I generally have to say I agree that the latest output of horror is pretty dire. I am a firm fan of the classics, but that said I do like a fair amount of what many think is crap as well - it's a fine balance! .

At work when I first read this thread, I was almost in totally agreement with you Gold, mate. When I got home however and found out that there is a hell of a lot of horror movie I own made 2000 onwards that I really enjoy, I had to re-consider!

It is amazing though the amount of unbelievable toss (in my eyes anyway) that has been produced in the last almost decade, compared to the 'Golden Years' (no pun intended mate ) of horror. This is possibly because more movie are made nowadays; and it is certainly easier to make movies now, plus stand-out, original horrors are a rare breed probably due to lack of ideas, or the corporate machine thinking about selling tickets, rather than coming up with anything original. This could mean that there are the same (if not more) great movies made today as there were in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, but due to the amount that are made today, you may have to wade through more shit to find them...

Even though I am about to contradict myself below with my (numerous)personal horror faves of the '00's (which this morning I could count on one hand), I have to say that I generally agree that horror film-making has lost it's way. Whether 'society' (yawn), the media, the fans, or the studios are to blame (or a combination of all of these factors and more) is irrelevant, the fact is that, to me, it certainly does seem that the horror film industry 'ain't what it used to be'.

00's - What has stood out for me (so far )

-28 Days Later
-28 Weeks Later
-30 Days of Night
-The Abandoned
-American Psycho
-Bad Biology
-Bad Inclination
-Beyond Re-Animator
-Bloody Reunion
-Bone Sickness
-Cabin Fever
-Call of Cthulu
-Cube Zero
-Dawn of the Dead (remake)
-Dead Birds
-Dead Silence
-The Descent
-The Devil's Backbone
-The Devil's Rejects
-Dog Soldiers
-The Eye (Pang Brothers)
-Eyes of Crystal
-From Hell
-Ghosts of Mars
-H6: Diary of a Serial Killer
-Halloween (remake)
-The Happiness of the Katakuri's
-Hellraiser: Inferno
-The Hole
-Home Sick
-The Host
-House of 1000 Corpses
-Ichi the Killer
-Laid to Rest
-Land of the Dead
-The Last Winter
-Love Object
-Meatball Machine
-Midnight Meat Train
-The Mist
-Mother of Tears
-Mum & Dad
-Nature Morte
-Next Door
-The Ordeal
-The Orphanage
-Red Dragon
-Resident Evil
-Session 9
-Silent Hill
-Storm Warning
-Switchblade Romance
-A Tale of Two Sisters
-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)
-What Lies Beneath

Compared to what I thought this morning, this is now a loooooooong list, and I have to admit to feeling a bit of a tit! I'm sure there will be plenty more where those came from, and obviously many of you will disagree, and laugh and scoff at my choices, but the problem is finding these diamonds amongst so many zircons...
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