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It sure is very rare Bro, I always have been and still Am teased for my retro likes.

I mean I have a soft spot for some classic But equally as awful films as the ones In the thread here I speak of as crap so in a way I am hypocritical but what the hey it is how it is made and how it stands time rather than terrible look and recycled crap.

There is Good "Bad" and just BAD
I loved the Vipco range

I loved the Old Aussie soaps , Prisoner,sons & Daughters etc

and when it comes to Music I would rather have Yazoo,Whitney Houston,Queen,R.E.M,Dusty Springfield,Carole King,Human League etc

Than the shit that hits the charts now.

Don't get me wrong I do love "some" of the recent tunes.

And I do like "Some" current tv shows/Films

but overall nothing is what it was, I rarely watch Tv ever usually get a dvd out plenty to choose from no adverts, no late run ning schedules etc

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