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I agree with you on the TV situation mate. I the only thing I watch at the mo is F1 on Sundays - everything else I can take or leave. The Mrs on the other hand will watch enough TV for the both of us; all the soaps, The Hills, Friends... . That said I do have a fair bit of fairly recent TV shows on DVD... Family Guy, Futurama, Simpson's, Scrubs. 'Old' TV for me is stuff like Blackadder, Father Ted, Red Dwarf... more 90's, as I didn't really watch much TV growing up and neither did my parents - so never got into any of the old 80's shows. I probably would find them okay too, its just that I've never seen them!

Music is a different matter all together though... I got into music before I did film, admittedly music has dropped off the radar a bit more now, and film has taken over but I've always been fond of music - I went to my first live gig when I was 11 (Gavin Rossdale's Bush ). Now, even though I do like the odd bit of REM, Queen and Stones, I'm into more industrial and electronic music and have been for the last few years.

I too can't stand chart music... If someone offered me a million quid to name any song in the charts at the mo I wouldn't have a clue.
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