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Originally Posted by Gojirosan View Post
One genuinely interesting point that keeps arising here, one that possibly deserve a thread of its own, is that many want things to look "real", and that something is not "correct" unless it looks "natural".

Now, ignoring that these terms are not absolutes in the first place, it makes me wonder how old colour films fare with modern audiences. I have met plenty of people who hate black & white films, I wonder if there will be an increase in people hating old colour films because the saturated, blooming colour doesn't look" real"?

And where does this leave Hollywood's current obsession with Blue/Orange?

All interesting to ponder if one has a few minutes, I suppose.
Who knows, maybe why so many are being restored. Me i prefer to look at a film as intended not how i think it should look because then i would be forever tweaking and adjusting and making it look worse.

I wouldn't say an obsession as there are very many films out there that look stunning.
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