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Originally Posted by reaper72 View Post
I'm a total originals man,but hey,the healthy state of the 'horror economy' just now is a good thing,as it keeps the wallets supplying the money for new productions.Remember in the '90's how close horror became to going 'mainstream'? Films like Single White Female,Fatal Attraction,Sleeping with the Enemy,hell even Seven and Silence of the Lambs....these films WERE the slasher's of that decade.Remember how close icons like Freddy,Jason,Myers,ChuckyLeatherface and company came to going out?
The one thing that revitalised it all back then was the success of SCREAM,which gave us new baddies in the slasher genre,as in Urban Legends,IKWYDLS,etc,etc.
As I say,I'm not a fan of all these remakes,some have surprised me and I've actually enjoyed them.A lot of them have been dire.There have been some great 'original' films such as SAW and the likes.....But the main thing is;whilst these 'bigger' money spinners are making money,then some fatcat studio exec is always gonna greenlight a new horror movie....some may be dreadful....but one or two gems may pop up and will fall into the horror history books,and that I dare say,is what we need;-for horror to constantly reinject itself with new opportunities.
Oh and btw,I think SEVEN and LAMBS are great,but come on let's be honest,they weren't out and out horrors......
I find it really interesting that in the so called "caring, sharing '90s" slashers went mainstream with big stars appearing in horror/thrillers.Anyone have any thoughts on why this happened?

I think the present remake craze is a major symptom of society eating itself or perhaps it is a new art movement with each new remake a variation on a theme.Welcome to horror jazz!

What do people think of the present state of the underground horror scene?I'm bored out of my skull watching serial killer/snuff films that are nothing more than show cases for special effects teams.The only one I really liked was "Slaughter Vomit Dolls" as that truly seemed to be one man's vision and fetish being put out for all the world to see.I didn't mind "Philosophy of a Knife" either, although it was an arse numbing watch at 4 hours.
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