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i think there are lots of under rated characters, which is a shame they get no recognition, I'm willing to agree on Minnie Donovan - she had her moments, but Maggie-May?!?! Madness!!! lol, to each their own!

i understand some characters being under rated, theres a huge divide for fans amongst who is a better governor Erica Davidson and Anne Reynolds and it seems that people either Love or hate Helen Smart, it's all up to personal choice, but some are almost criminally underused, which is a shame...

Some of my Picks include, but are not limited to...


Marilyn Mason
Brandy Carter
Sharon Gilmore
Clara Goddard
Barbara Fields
Zara Moonbeam
Barbie Davidson
Belinda Johns
Leigh Templer
Ettie Parslow
Queenie Marshall
she should have got a MUCH Longer storyline....


Jean Vernon
Steve Faulkner
Greg Miller
Len Murphy

Len's about the only really underused one here, but all of them are really overlooked... and Jean was so abruptly gone it's a shame her storyline wasn't finished satisfactorily.

my two underrated and terribly underused are The Beast and The Angel :

Beverly Baker
Angel Adams

it's such a shame so many of these characters are overlooked, you mention Prisoner and people automatically think of Joan, Bea, Lizzie and Meg, but for me, some of these other characters made watching the show essential viewing.... still, at least i can enjoy watching them over and over

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