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I believe I haven't even introduced myself in this part, so I'm here to say hello and then ask for advice as I'm upsetting myself.

Hello, my name is Sharon and I love the original series of the Twilight Zone.

Now I can't remember how I first got into it, I'm only 30 but have loved it for quite a while - when I was a kid/teen I was always seeking out new stuff to fill my peculiar interests, indeed I was super excited with the Cinema Club release in 2005 - now this is where I moan and need advice. I'm not exactly flush with money but I did buy the Cinema Club release of the original series when it first came out but only series 1 & 2, now I'm desperate to complete the collection but second hand copies of further seasons run from 30 - 50, I feel sick that I can't afford to complete the collection (a bit melodramatic, I know) so I'm wondering where to go next, whether I should just go for the blu-ray? any advice would be much appreciated as I feel a bit overwhelmed with the available versions.
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