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I managed to get one of the Blu-rays (along with THE FURY), so I'm really happy.

The first time I saw the film was taped from the telly in the late eighties. I've liked it ever since. I bought the sell-thru VHS a few years later (the Parkfield release part of its RCA/Columbia 'Hollywood Collection' imprint and was quite surprised to see what had been cut from TV, not least the bullie's nickname for Arnie Cunningham!

I bought the US LaserDisc in the mid-1990s and again, that was another revelation as it was presented in all its 2.35:1 widescreen glory and like most of Carpenter's other films, gained so much more for being in its original ratio.

I've had two DVD versions, first the barebones UK release, followed by the special edition US disc.

Although it's not one of Carpenter's top tier films it's still very good, imo. It benefits from a great soundtrack (both incidental score and the wonderful 1950s/60s source music used), the aforementioned cinematography and a brilliant central performance from Keith Gordon. I'd give the film a solid 8/10.
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