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Originally Posted by Slippery Jack View Post
Yeah I laughed everytime he appeared! The rest of the film didn't do it for me, unfortunately. Still, 1 and 2 are an awesome double bill . . .

What happened with that job exam thing btw . . . ?
Not heard about the results to that yet. I do have an interview for a job with lloyds tsb, its an hour commute but should be good money working for the man and fleecing them taxpayers (wont say that in the interview!)

Finished up the evening with DEATH SHIP.

Scorpions blu has different features to the nucleus dvd, so dont get rid of your old copies, but its region free and looks supurb.

Some films get by on a supurb location alone, and death ship with its eerie creaking old nazi vessel aided by a great score oozes atmosphere. Another old classic I used to own on vhs, this is a highly reccomended little horror movie.
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