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Originally Posted by Beyond72 View Post
Even the director struggles to give a definite answer.

What I take from the film is, his disappointment with life comes to head. He should be excited about a new job, but it's not what he really wanted. And to add to that he's being treated badly and doesn't really fit in.
He's homesick for a while, but then slowly realises his home life isn't exactly the be and end all, the letters from his Mum just reinforce his disappointment with life. And working on a horror film for virtually every waking hour isn't gonna help matters!

Not claiming this as fact, just what I take from the film.
I get that, but is it a simple case of him losing the plot so to speak. Are his mother's letter's real? the actress reads one as if they are part of script, he seems to live in the studio, The whole flight situation where receptionist tells him there never was one makes me think instead of her percieved frostiness to him earlier was her dealing with someone mad, very Lynch
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