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Torso - Superb Giallo from Sergio Martino. Sleazy, violent and intriguing. A definite winner.

Phantom of Death - Strange film from Deodato in which Michael York keeps turning old. There's an hilarious sequence where Donald Pleasance is running around shouting 'You ****ing bastard!'

The Frightened Woman - A very unusual film that has as its theme the matter of sexual politics. Very interesting and a firm favourite. I thought it was brilliant.

Flavia The Heretic - Medieval drama that seems to have an undeserved reputation for being excessively violent and nasty, which it isn't IMO. It's worth at least one watch, but I did find it a bit slow. Still enjoyed it though.

Designated Victim - Absolute stunner of a film that I loved from start-to-finish. Tomas Milian is on top form and the way the story unfolds is masterful. Unmissable.

My Dear Killer - Giallo in which there's some unusual murders (death by JCB?) and a fantastically violent buzzsaw kill midway through that really jolts you and wakes you up.

Night Train Murders - A sleazy spin on Last House on the Left, but on a train. It's not really as harrowing as it's made out to be, but I'm sure it'd still be offensive to certain viewers. The opening song by Demis Roussos is probably the scariest thing in the film.

Oasis of Fear - Not seen yet.

Ratman - Not seen yet.

Watch Me When I Kill - Decent Giallo, as I recall. Been a long time since I've seen it, I'll have to dig it out again for a watch.
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