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I get it, let's see everything before deciding if it's any good, however, horror perhaps needs a new cycle to go through. cinematically, I know it's a genre of imitation, but we're stuck in the "from the producers of Insidious" phase at the moment (didn't Japan and Korea exhaust that with the Ring/Dark Water/Whispering stairs/50 million other ghost stories), so I would dearly love to see something "different".

Ironically, Drac 3D being a remake of sorts, and Lords of Salem looking like Suspiria in many shots is not a problem. Evil Dead, I'm sure, has been brought out as a result of the success of "Cabin in the Woods" (and yes, I loved it as meta-horror, but it wasn't scary, merely fun in the films/ideas it referenced), and the majority of people who go & see this remake will be blissfully unaware that there were 3 previous Evil Dead movies.

Hell, most people I speak to just about know about Dawn of the Dead ("Yeah, is that the one with Ving Rhames?") and are completely unaware of Romero's original trilogy. the closest they come are having seen Sean of the Dead, thinking it's a horror film & going to see Resident Evil or Underworld once a new one gets CGI'd into cinemas.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Alex Aja's Maniac remake, as most of his remakes have come out well (HHE & Piranah), but a real "audience" for horror (as I knew it) is dead.

It must be me getting nostalgic, but I will find it rather amusing seeing a commercial remake of the Evil Dead while Sam Raimi's "Oz The Great And Powerful" plays in the screen next door, lol!
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