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Originally Posted by troggi View Post
Tonight I are mostly watchin'...

"The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad"
"The Fantastic Voyage"

Where's my wetsuit and ogre repellent?

I'm a failure, I realise this but when all I have to do is watch two films and tell people "this was a) good, b) bad or c) the idea of a fat, bad-speakin' Northerner and all I actually do is watch the featurettes on the "Sinbad" dvd... Oy, oy, oy!
Not a total washout though, the Ray Harryhausen feature, may his name always be revered, narrated by Leo Nard Nee Moy, the ACT or, was well worth being sidetracked by and well worth the 1.99 that I paid in the charity shop. RE-EE-EE-SULT!

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