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On ants theme- Phase IV + Empire of the Ants

drugs/hallucinations- Naked Lunch + Altered States.

Nature fights back- The Birds + Long Weekend

Crazy families - Texas Chainsaw + Spider Baby.

sympathy for the devil- Peeping Tom + Man bites dog.

Devil Kids- the omen + Rosemarys Baby

twins - Sisters + Dead Ringers.

31st oct- Halloween + Trick r treat

Crazy muthas- Frightmare + Mothers Day

clowns- Killer clowns from outer space + IT

vampires- The Hunger + Thirst

evil kids- Who can kill a child + The bad seed.

witch trials- Witchfinder General + The Devils.

toys- Childs play + Dolls

is this along the right lines or d'ya want something sillier ?-

IT + The Thing

The Fly + Spiderman

Harold & Maude + Burke & Hare
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