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Originally Posted by RobbieD View Post
Eww boobies!

The Ratman cover is FANTASTIC!

I haven't seen the movie ... is there really a scene where a huge giant rat does a Jaws in the sea below a naked woman? lol. It's very cool anyway.

The other one is good too. My only suggestion would be to make the spike look like it is going *through* the head rather than behind it, maybe you could add a little blood
Yeah big disclaimer here - there is no scene where a giant rat comes up and eats a woman - we just fancied getting spanked by Spielberg. Bird off the cover is in the film though! It's a film with no decent original art and we needed to start from the beginning. Do stick 'Nelson De Le Rosa' into Youtube though to see clips of this 2'4 foot lead guy who played Ratman - he was something else!

Don't know about more blood on Flavia - we had a pile but it's had to be taken off or retailers won't stock it!
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