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Default TVS Days

I remember watching PCBH on TVS in the mid to late eighties as I recall.
It was shown on a Thursday night and mum used to let me stay up and watch it despite it was on a school night (tut!tut!).
Then a friend of mine lived in Birmingham and sent me down episodes he used to tape as they were so far ahead. I was lucky as I had the best of both worlds.
I loved every minute of the show and it brings back so many fond memories and , it seemed, loads of people of various ages used to watch it too.
I can always recall the school was buzzing the next day after the riot or the fire at Wentworth .
Suddenly, due to TVS losing the franchise, the show just stopped. I believe Meridian carried it on but by that time I was occupied with other things.
It was a joy when channel 5 screened it from the get go although some of the episodes were pruned (Edna Pearson stories and Eve Wilders hanging) so I am grateful of the current DVD releases.
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