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Originally Posted by Hawkmonger View Post
I certainly prefer the Dark Fantasy feel to the more pedestrian sci-fi RTD was giving us. I think people have been to harsh on the series over the last few years. There have been bad episodes, but no more often than any other point in the series run.
I preferred the spectacle of RTD episodes, they felt more of an event. Be it Vesuvius exploding, space ships crashing into Big Ben or the futuristic setting to Gridlock.

The first two of Smith's series failed in that respect to me. Although the first part of series 7 lived up to it.

I don't like the way Moffat digs into the series secrets, hint at things by all means but the naming of the Doctor was a miss fire in my opinion even though it was all his usual non-event bluster. Despite loving The Name of the Doctor episode, the minute you give it any scrutiny it completely falls apart.
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